Low Credit Scores

Owning a home is a dream for most, and property loans or mortgages help turn that dream into reality. But what happens if one’s credit score isn’t up to the level that most lenders require? A low credit score, often caused by past financial challenges or unexpected life events, can make the journey to homeownership appear more complex.

But there’s a silver lining. The property loan market is diverse. While traditional banks might be strict about credit scores, there are other lenders with more understanding of unique financial histories. They recognize that past credit actions don’t solely determine a person’s ability to manage a mortgage. Some lenders offer tailored solutions, like first-time homebuyer programs or loans with different terms, designed to assist those with lower credit scores.

Average Salaries and Credit Scores

When thinking about applying for a loan, it’s vital to have a clear picture of your city’s economic environment. Why? The average earnings of people in a city can tell you a lot about its financial stability. This average salary can be a crucial factor in deciding how much loan you might be eligible for.

Equally important is understanding the role of credit scores. These scores are like financial report cards. They play a significant role in deciding whether you get a loan and what kind of interest rate you’ll have to pay. A high credit score can mean better loan terms. On the other hand, if your credit score is on the lower side, getting a loan might seem a bit tougher.

To provide a clearer perspective, we’ve compiled data to show what the typical credit scores and earnings look like in cities across the country. Remember, these figures are just averages. In any city, people will have a range of credit scores, some higher and some lower than the average.

Average Credit Scores in Select U.S. Cities

City County Average Credit Score
Abilene Texas 693
Akron Ohio 715
Albuquerque New Mexico 699
Alexandria Virginia 721
Allen Texas 693
Allentown Pennsylvania 723
Amarillo Texas 693
Anaheim California 721
Anchorage Alaska 723
Ann Arbor Michigan 718
Antioch California 721
Arlington Texas 693
Arvada Colorado 730
Athens Georgia 694
Atlanta Georgia 694
Augusta Georgia 694
Aurora Colorado 730
Aurora Illinois 719
Austin Texas 693
Bakersfield California 721
Baltimore Maryland 716
Baton Rouge Louisiana 689
Beaumont Texas 693
Bellevue Washington 735
Bend Oregon 732
Berkeley California 721
Billings Montana 731
Birmingham Alabama 691
Boise Idaho 727
Boston Massachusetts 732
Boulder Colorado 730
Bridgeport Connecticut 725
Brockton Massachusetts 732
Broken Arrow Oklahoma 693
Brownsville Texas 693
Buckeye Arizona 712
Buffalo New York 721
Burbank California 721
Cambridge Massachusetts 732
Cape Coral Florida 707
Carlsbad California 721
Carmel Indiana 712
Carrollton Texas 693
Cary North Carolina 707
Cedar Rapids Iowa 729
Centennial Colorado 730
Chandler Arizona 712
Charleston South Carolina 696
Charlotte North Carolina 707
Chattanooga Tennessee 702
Chesapeake Virginia 721
Chicago Illinois 719
Chico California 721
Chula Vista California 721
Cincinnati Ohio 715
Clarksville Tennessee 702
Clearwater Florida 707
Cleveland Ohio 715
Clovis California 721
College Station Texas 693
Colorado Springs Colorado 730
Columbia Missouri 712
Columbia South Carolina 696
Columbus Georgia 694
Columbus Ohio 715
Concord California 721
Concord North Carolina 707
Coral Springs Florida 707
Corona California 721
Corpus Christi Texas 693
Costa Mesa California 721
Dallas Texas 693
Daly City California 721
Davenport Iowa 729
Davie Florida 707
Dayton Ohio 715
Dearborn Michigan 718
Denton Texas 693
Denver Colorado 730
Des Moines Iowa 729
Detroit Michigan 718
Downey California 721
Durham North Carolina 707
Edinburg Texas 693
Edison New Jersey 724
El Cajon California 721
El Monte California 721
El Paso Texas 693
Elgin Illinois 719
Elizabeth New Jersey 724
Elk Grove California 721
Escondido California 721
Eugene Oregon 732
Evansville Indiana 712
Everett Washington 735
Fairfield California 721
Fargo North Dakota 733
Fayetteville North Carolina 707
Fishers Indiana 712
Fontana California 721
Fort Collins Colorado 730
Fort Lauderdale Florida 707
Fort Wayne Indiana 712
Fort Worth Texas 693
Fremont California 721
Fresno California 721
Frisco Texas 693
Fullerton California 721
Gainesville Florida 707
Garden Grove California 721
Garland Texas 693
Gilbert Arizona 712
Glendale Arizona 712
Glendale California 721
Goodyear Arizona 712
Grand Prairie Texas 693
Grand Rapids Michigan 718
Greeley Colorado 730
Green Bay Wisconsin 735
Greensboro North Carolina 707
Gresham Oregon 732
Hampton Virginia 721
Hartford Connecticut 725
Hayward California 721
Henderson Nevada 702
Hesperia California 721
Hialeah Florida 707
High Point North Carolina 707
Hillsboro Oregon 732
Hollywood Florida 707
Honolulu Hawaii 732
Houston Texas 693
Huntington Beach California 721
Huntsville Alabama 691
Independence Missouri 712
Indianapolis Indiana 712
Inglewood California 721
Irvine California 721
Irving Texas 693
Jackson Mississippi 680
Jacksonville Florida 707
Jersey City New Jersey 724
Joliet Illinois 719
Jurupa Valley California 721
Kansas City Kansas 721
Kansas City Missouri 712
Kent Washington 735
Killeen Texas 693
Knoxville Tennessee 702
Lafayette Louisiana 689
Lakeland Florida 707
Lakewood Colorado 730
Lakewood New Jersey 724
Lancaster California 721
Lansing Michigan 718
Laredo Texas 693
Las Cruces New Mexico 699
Las Vegas Nevada 702
League City Texas 693
Lee’s Summit Missouri 712
Lewisville Texas 693
Lexington Kentucky 702
Lincoln Nebraska 731
Little Rock Arkansas 694
Long Beach California 721
Longmont Colorado 730
Los Angeles California 721
Louisville Kentucky 702
Lowell Massachusetts 732
Lubbock Texas 693
Lynn Massachusetts 732
Macon Georgia 694
Madison Wisconsin 735
Manchester New Hampshire 734
McAllen Texas 693
McKinney Texas 693
Memphis Tennessee 702
Menifee California 721
Meridian Idaho 727
Mesa Arizona 712
Mesquite Texas 693
Miami Florida 707
Miami Gardens Florida 707
Midland Texas 693
Milwaukee Wisconsin 735
Minneapolis Minnesota 742
Miramar Florida 707
Mobile Alabama 691
Modesto California 721
Montgomery Alabama 691
Moreno Valley California 721
Murfreesboro Tennessee 702
Murrieta California 721
Nampa Idaho 727
Naperville Illinois 719
Nashville Tennessee 702
New Bedford Massachusetts 732
New Haven Connecticut 725
New Orleans Louisiana 689
New York New York 721
Newark New Jersey 724
Newport News Virginia 721
Norfolk Virginia 721
Norman Oklahoma 693
North Charleston South Carolina 696
North Las Vegas Nevada 702
Norwalk California 721
Oakland California 721
Oceanside California 721
Odessa Texas 693
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 693
Olathe Kansas 721
Omaha Nebraska 731
Ontario California 721
Orange California 721
Orlando Florida 707
Overland Park Kansas 721
Oxnard California 721
Palm Bay Florida 707
Palmdale California 721
Pasadena California 721
Pasadena Texas 693
Paterson New Jersey 724
Pearland Texas 693
Pembroke Pines Florida 707
Peoria Arizona 712
Peoria Illinois 719
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 723
Phoenix Arizona 712
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 723
Plano Texas 693
Pomona California 721
Pompano Beach Florida 707
Port St. Lucie Florida 707
Portland Oregon 732
Providence Rhode Island 723
Provo Utah 730
Pueblo Colorado 730
Quincy Massachusetts 732
Raleigh North Carolina 707
Rancho Cucamonga California 721
Reno Nevada 702
Renton Washington 735
Rialto California 721
Richardson Texas 693
Richmond California 721
Richmond Virginia 721
Rio Rancho New Mexico 699
Riverside California 721
Rochester Minnesota 742
Rochester New York 721
Rockford Illinois 719
Roseville California 721
Round Rock Texas 693
Sacramento California 721
Saint Paul Minnesota 742
Salem Oregon 732
Salinas California 721
Salt Lake City Utah 730
San Antonio Texas 693
San Bernardino California 721
San Diego California 721
San Francisco California 721
San Jose California 721
San Mateo California 721
Sandy Springs Georgia 694
Santa Ana California 721
Santa Clara California 721
Santa Clarita California 721
Santa Maria California 721
Santa Rosa California 721
Savannah Georgia 694
Scottsdale Arizona 712
Seattle Washington 735
Shreveport Louisiana 689
Simi Valley California 721
Sioux Falls South Dakota 734
South Bend Indiana 712
South Fulton Georgia 694
Sparks Nevada 702
Spokane Washington 735
Spokane Valley Washington 735
Springfield Illinois 719
Springfield Massachusetts 732
Springfield Missouri 712
St. Louis Missouri 712
St. Petersburg Florida 707
Stamford Connecticut 725
Sterling Heights Michigan 718
Stockton California 721
Sugar Land Texas 693
Sunnyvale California 721
Surprise Arizona 712
Syracuse New York 721
Tacoma Washington 735
Tallahassee Florida 707
Tampa Florida 707
Temecula California 721
Tempe Arizona 712
Thornton Colorado 730
Thousand Oaks California 721
Toledo Ohio 715
Topeka Kansas 721
Torrance California 721
Tucson Arizona 712
Tulsa Oklahoma 693
Tuscaloosa Alabama 691
Tyler Texas 693
Vacaville California 721
Vallejo California 721
Vancouver Washington 735
Ventura California 721
Victorville California 721
Virginia Beach Virginia 721
Visalia California 721
Waco Texas 693
Warren Michigan 718
Washington District of Columbia 716
Waterbury Connecticut 725
West Covina California 721
West Jordan Utah 730
West Palm Beach Florida 707
West Valley City Utah 730
Westminster Colorado 730
Wichita Kansas 721
Wichita Falls Texas 693
Wilmington North Carolina 707
Winston-Salem North Carolina 707
Woodbridge New Jersey 724
Worcester Massachusetts 732
Yonkers New York 721


Navigating the Low Credit Loans Landscape

Life’s journey is unpredictable. Sometimes, events beyond our control can leave a mark on our credit scores. But a dip in credit score doesn’t mean you’re out of options when seeking financial assistance. Beyond the big, mainstream lenders with their rigid rules, there exists a diverse world of financial institutions ready to understand and support your specific needs. Here are some strategies to explore to make use of these:

  • Local Lenders: Credit unions and community banks value the human touch. They often look beyond mere numbers and see the individual. By understanding the unique financial stories of their members, they can provide tailor-made solutions that larger institutions might overlook.
  • Online Lenders: With technology at our fingertips, online lending platforms are emerging as viable alternatives. These digital platforms are designed especially for those with imperfect credit histories. A bit of research and reading user reviews can lead to finding a lender that offers terms suited to specific needs.
  • Improve Your Credit: It’s never too late to turn things around. Boosting a credit score might take time, but it’s a journey worth undertaking. Positive changes can be observed over time by paying bills promptly, methodically reducing debts, and ensuring the accuracy of credit reports. Find out more with our guide.
  • Collateral Loans: If you own tangible assets, like a car or a piece of land, they might be the key to obtaining a collateral-backed loan. Since these loans have a physical backup, lenders are often more flexible about credit score requirements.

Securing a loan with a low credit score is challenging but not impossible, regardless of the city you reside in. Understanding the average credit score in your area is a crucial first step. With careful research and financial planning, you can find viable loan options to meet your needs and work towards improving your credit score over time. Remember, financial institutions are increasingly recognizing the diverse needs of borrowers, making financial support more accessible for everyone. That’s where Loan Cabin comes in. We specialize in working with lenders that can provide loans and mortgages to individuals and households with low credit scores or other limiting factors.

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