15 Year Fixed

A 15-year fixed mortgage, as the name suggests, is a loan you pay back within 15 years. While your monthly payments will be higher than any other mortgage loan, there are also some great benefits to enjoy! You’ll own your home outright in less time, your interest rates will be lower, and you’ll pay less interest overall.

Here’s What You Get

When you partner with Loan Cabin to take out a 15-year fixed home loan, you’ll get:

  • An honest, transparent, experienced lending company
  • A friendly mortgage banking professional to answer your questions
  • A simple, efficient mortgage process that saves you time and energy

Is a 15-year fixed mortgage the best option for you?

Did You Know

About 90% of buyers take out a mortgage when buying a home. At Loan Cabin, we’ve enabled countless homebuyers to purchase the property they want!

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